That’s Repetition

When you do something over and over, that’s repetition. And that is where I am right now because I changed jobs, and while it isn’t the “dream job” it isn’t that bad either.

My boss is decent and I love my co-workers. But the work is repetitive. I don’t want to give out too much, but I have been working for a food processing facility that makes organic, non-GMO food. Most of which is done by hand, well, the finishing touches. I tell my family that I am like a cook. It makes a nicer image, but the truth is, I wrap burritos and top pizzas, and do whatever else comes down the line. It really has more to do with conveyor belts than confections. Still, I am pleased.

And what is life if it isn’t repetition?

It can also be fun. Which not everybody can say about their work. And I have had jobs that were more intellectual suicide than this one will ever be.

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